Gary Kent was born! Of this we are reasonably certain. There are those who knew him when, and those who know him now. He first appeared out of the whimsical wheat fields of a ranch in Walla Walla, Washington. (A town they like so much they named it twice). Kent was an outlaw from the get-go. He shucked off pre-school as an exercise for ninnys, and then, his first day of primary, he climbed out of the school window, dropped to the ground and ran nine miles back to the wheat fields. Some say he has been avoiding the posse ever since.

While serving in the U.S. Naval Air Corps, Kent was dragged from the brig after several weeks of being AOL. (actually, before his apprehension, he had holed up in a scruffy hotel room with a loose limbed lady from Louisiana). They were in the middle of some serious calisthenics when the Sailor Police appeared, unpolitely and unannounced, at the door). Hours later, Gary was ensconced behind a typewriter to do press and publicity for the Navy’s elite flying team, the Blue Angels. After discharge, honorable at last, Kent hied off to Houston, Texas where he talked his way into a job as news reporter and announcer for KTHT radio. Somehow, in a moment of unusual confusion, he found himself at a professional theater, The Houston Playhouse. Gary spent a year as the Juvenile Lead at the theater, opposite the Ingenue Lead, Katherine Helmond. Katherine later made a name for herself on the New York stage–in film, and in Television. (Who’s The Boss and Soap). While in Houston, Gary also appeared on the professional stage in Dylan Thomas’ Under Milkwood at the famous Alley Theatre.

Kent managed to fall in love—several times. The real love of his life, however, the one he is bonded with forever, his wife, actress, producer, animal savior, Tomi Barrett, died from cancer in 2005. Tomi was, and continues to be, the light of his universe.

Gary has personally escorted into this world of travail a flower basket full of beautiful children–Greg, now a theater director of importance in USA, London, and Paris; Colleen, a lovely lady who teaches, and is an award winning photographer; Andrew, a Coporate Attorney and writer; Christopher, a r&b guitarist– (and Zerox for the money, honey); Alex, a para-legal and writer; and lastly, Michael, who has just graduated with his BFA in Fine Art from Cal State Long Beach. Four amazing and gorgeous grandchildren also credit Gary as “grandpa”—Timothy Andrew, Nicolette Ashley, Hannah Lucia and little Ethan Sawyer (a recent arrival from the planet Porpoise.) Although he is responsible for all of the aesthetics, Kent does credit some of the women with the mechanics involved in childbirth.Gary Kent

Hollywood! Gary Kent spent 45 years in Tinseltown, as an actor, stuntman, writer, director, and special effects wizard. During the two score and some, he worked with seemingly everyone of note (Let us mention Jack Nicholson, Penny Marshall, Peter Bogdanovich, Bruce Willis, Bruce Campbell, Brian De Palma, Ann Margret, Esai Morales, Cream, Dick Clark, Ossie Davis, William Shattner, et al.); and some of no note whatsoever– such as multi murderers Charles Manson, Tex Watson, the Mendedez brothers, et al; numerous con-artists, and agents.

As a writer/director, Kent’s critically acclaimed Rainy Day Friends won Best Special Stunt In A Motion Picture at the International Stuntman Awards. His picture, The Pyramid, won 1st Place, Docu-Drama, at the USA Film Festival (now Sundance) in Park City, Utah. Gary’s original screenplay, Where’s Bassett’s Body, won 1st Place, Best Screenplay by a Texas Writer at the Dallas Lone Star Screenplay Competition. Gary is also currentlhy listed in Who’s Who In Entertainment. If interested, a vast store of information on Gary Kent’s eclectic career may be found on the Internet Movie DataBase.

Gary Kent! This radical rowdy, this ironic iconoclast, this seeming affront to all that is proper and passable in polite circles, has been recently discovered living in Austin, Texas—hunkered down with his manuscript, Shadows and Light/Journeys With Outlaws In Revolutionary Hollywood. (Dalton Publishing, 2009) his horse, his dog and 7 cats (the 7 pillows). Some say, when the moon and the mood are “just so,” Gary comes to life, riding through the midnight of our nightmares on a bible-black stallion, his merry band of cinematic brigands following close behind. This last has caused some consternation, as Austin is heavily trafficked, day or night, and the appearance of a gang of hooligans on horseback, galloping from out of the dark, disturbs the flow, so to speak. If wishing to voice a complaint, Gary may be reached on this Web site, or by e-mail at Gary net1