Shadows and Light, Journeys With Outlaws In Revolutionary Hollywood: From the beginning of the l960s to the present day, a group of cinematic gypsies, responsible only to meager budgets and their own inflamed passions, created a body of work that tore down the walls of censorship, deceit, bigotry and high mindedness that had ruled the film industry for decades. Artisans as diverse as multi-award winners John Cassavettes, Jack Nicholson, Richard Rush, Peter Bogdanovitch, Brian De Palma, Monte Hellman, Dennis Hopper; the Industry lions–Orson Welles, Paul Schraeder, Paul Lewis, Robert Altman, the fringe characters– Al Adamson, Ray Dennis Steckler, Tim Sullivan, Roger Corman, John Waters; the newbies–Quentin Tarantino, Don Coscarelli, Spike Lee, Richard Linklater, Quillermo del Toro, et al., inspired changes in thought, in government, personal behavior, race relations, the women’s movement—Their superb, daring, sometimes outrageous and often rag-tag efforts helped sculpt human actions, inter-actions and re-actions. They illuminated our world in more ways than just art. They were, in fact, Revolutionarys who grabbed hold of our hearts and minds and never let go.

Shadows and LightDuring this tumultous time, the author also exerienced brief smackdowns with a gnarly group of outsiders named Charlie Manson, Tex Watson, The Menendez Brothers, Robert Blake, Fred Fulford, Charles Whitman, English Dave, and other killers and thieves too numerous and revengeful to mention,

Gary Kent, the author of Shadows and Light, was a big part of this cinematic maelstrom. Writer/Director, Actor, Stuntman and Special Effects Guru, Kent worked in over a hundred motion pictures. Himself an award winner, (Best Special Stunt in A Motion Picture), (Best Screenplay by a Texas Author) et al. Kent was in the center of the cinematic loop. He is currently listed in Who’s Who in Entertainment. In Shadows and Light/Journeys With Outlaws in Revolutionary Hollywood, , he chronicles his adventures during these most exciting of times, and pays homage to the courageous, irrascible, uber-talented artists who make it all happen.

Shadows and Light/Journeys With Outlaws in Revolutionary Hollywood is published by Dalton Publishing. It will have its world-wide release in 2009.

What the film industry is saying about Gary’s Book:

“I loved this book. Gary Kent weaves an expertly written and all-true story of the fantastic world of movies, with all of the action , actresses, drink, drugs and sex. From the excesses to the exquisite, an amazing story.” Don Coscarelli, director: Bubba-Ho-tep, Phantasms 1, two and three.

“Gary’s book is an all access pass to the days when filmmaking was poetry, when guys like Jack Nicholson and Warren Oates were working out of offices the size of closets and craft service was a baloney sandwich. Intimate and evocative, the writing slides through your consciousness like a fine wine.” Esai Morales, award winning actor, Board of Directors, the Screen Actors Guild.

“detailed and textured with people, places, music, culture, news, styles, ambitions, etc, dazzling! Kent turns the trick without breaking a sweat–easy reading, like breathing fresh air, and Gary got it all right” Richard Rush, award winning director.

“Its a challanging trip and a riveting read.” Monte Hellman, iconic film director

“Gary Kent is one of the true unsung heros of American cinema. Shadows and Light is his story. Its a fascinating journey.” Ken Kish, Producer, Cinemawasteland Movie Convention, Cleveland, Ohio

“This book is a magic piece of candy, transporting the reader back to earlier days of celluloid villains and heroes, where hindsight is twenty-twenty and artistic license will get you into any room in town.” Chuck Bail, Producer/Director/Stuntman…member of The Stuntman’s Hall of Fame, co-founder The Stuntman’s Association.

“What a canvass! What a life! What a book!” Lars Nilsen, head program director, The Alamo Theaters, Austin, Texas.

“magnigicent prose that honors an exciting, tubulent time in the art of movie-making magic.” Paul Lewis, Producer, Production Manager, The Stuntman, Easy Rider.