February has to be the worst month of all in Austin, Texas…allergens floating around like bloody Taliban. Every one seems in a bad mood…worried about entirely too much “stuff” I say….

Good news for me? Well, I have just completed a wonderful interview for Tom Weaver, a dean of American Film Historians who actually lives in Sleepy Hollow, New York. Tom interviewed me re: my work on a horror film within a film called House of Seven Corpses, the result of which will be published in Fangoria Magazine late May…hopefully, my book Shadows and Light/Journeys With Outlaws in Revolutionary Hollywood will actually be out by that time—

Blurbs for Shadows and Light have been incredibly positive…I mean, like my mother wrote them!—but no galleys have been sent to reviewers yet, and I am going to want those reviews. We need to get to Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, et al.

Melissa Delaney, editor of Austin Monthly, arranged an interview with me by a droll English fellow named Alex. Alex is doing a piece for the May issue on Austin actors who have starred in cult movies. Actually, there are only a couple of us, so I should take up some space. Pity, as again, the book will likely not be reviewed and available for tub-thumping at that time.

I will be doing a reading on March ninth at Cafe Caffeine, per request of the new owners. I am appearing as a volunteer helper at Hospice Austin—I want to give back a little to an organizaton that was so helpful to Tomi and I during a very difficult time.

I have been asked to set a schedule for a book tour, starting in L.A., then San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago and Cleveland. Then back to Austin and ready myself for the big Chiller convention in New Jersey in October…at least that is my plan now…oh, there may be a few others stashed in between, so if interested, stay tuned. I will also post immediately the real, I mean, really real, publication date as soon as I am notified.

I will be participating in two documentary film projects this summer, God willing. One will be shot in L.A. and is an homage to the Grindhouse films so loved by director Quentin Tarantino…The other is by an Austin filmmaker, who wants to do a film on your’s truly and my past life in stunts. Hmmmm…well, ok, if I don’t have to actually do any.

Dalton Publishing is getting out work in the next two months by Deltina Hay, Rob Stikmanz and Ric Williams, among others. These are easily three of my favorite people, and I hope to get a chance to help promote their work. Stikmanz and I have become founding members of a new professional writer’s group called Austin Sala…more on that later…..

Am I boring you? Well, I am boring me, so I’m outta here and into a hot shower….

I hope all in the world is going your way, and let’s not forget each other…