Well, it’s about over, eh? What a year…this is one for the books…speaking of books, 2009 brings us my memoir and accounting of dire deeds and artistic/cultural rampages in the ’60s to 2009…it will be released by Dalton Publishers in April/May, and will be available on Amazon, select bookstores, from Dalton, or, perhaps an autograsphed copy from yours truly while on the circuit…look for me, please…I am the handsome guy who has aged prematurely…

2008 brought me some new medical problems, as well as a lot of blessings. My new grandson, Ethan Sawyer Kent, appeared suddenly on earth Dec. 18…what a joy he is. I got to witness grandson Timothy make the Varsity Basketball team at Thatcher School, in Ojai, California…as he is just a Freshman, this was quite an achievement. I also got to surprise granddaughter Hannah on her 13th. B.D. After scaring her by my abrupt materialization in her very private room, we adjourned to the Santa Barbara beach, where we lept around the ozone and ocean spray in a celebration of life….

Next it was granddughter Nicolette, in Sherman Oaks, Calif. We laughed, told corny jokes, went for quiet, thought provoking walks, then adjourned to the nearby Cafe for a couple of marvelous dinners…all of this stuff was wonderful, as it had been a while since I had seen them all.

Also got to chat it up with Eric Caiden, at Hollywood Book and Poster about my book release. Eric is doing a signing, plus having a Gary Kent festivial at the New Beverly Cinema…wow!!!

Did a guest turn as speaker for Hospice Austin on Dec. 9th, and play the Evil Count Von Franz at a hullabaloo put on for 10 year olds by the uber-talented Amparo Crow.

Just before Christmas, I received the new issue of Filmfax magazine, which, beside interviews with Dennis Hopper, Tommy Smothers, Anne Francis, et al, also contains a supurb interview/chat between film writer Lawrence Fultz, Jr., and myself…six and a half pages of text and pictures…I am so honored…thanks Larry, and thanks Filmfax….

Oh, yeah, we have a new Prez, don’t we…Here’s wishing he and his administration the best of luck and success in running our much Bushed and ravaged country…God Bless the U. S. of A, I say….and all of you…..God Bless us each and everyone.