Movies never cease to fascinate me. And for those who are like me, we know that there are only three ways we can watch good movies.

1. Watch in Movie Theater. This is the most popular. It is always fun to watch films in the big screen. The vivid pictures, very good audio and superb special effects are almost realistic. The downside, however, is you will have to pay for the ticket which can be costly, prepare yourself, dress up, and buy gas for transportation. Plus you will need to pay extra for a nice dinner or lunch in restaurants. You can find more details on letmewatchthis on the site

2. Watch movies in TV cable channel. Most of popular films are aired in cable channels or local TV channels, months or years after they are released. The advantage is you will not have to leave the comfort of your home and you can do house chores while watching movies. But the downsides are so many. Local TV channels insert so many commercial breaks and thus have to cut some scenes. The films being aired are also usually old movies. Cable channels air some new movies but you will need to be home and turn your TV on at the exact time it is aired. Otherwise, you will miss some important parts of the story.

3. Watch movies via online movie sites. This is my favorite recently. Aside from it is very convenient, movie sites like Letmewatchthis features thousands of movie titles and TV series that I can watch. All I need is a strong internet connection and computer screen. Laptops, smartphones and tablet can also download and play movies from these sites. Although movie buffs are favoring movie theaters because of the superior experience, you can still do some innovations to make watching online a better experience. You can enlarge your screen by using projectors or bigger HD TV screen. You can also enhance the audio by using audio system.