It cannot be questioned that movie and TV streaming given out for free connotes varied expectations from the viewers. Questions like: Is this site true to their claim? Are the movies pirated? Is it a legal site? With a bevy of free and said to be legal streaming sites on the internet, how then can you determine the one that is real from the bogus? Though hard to believe; there are really legitimate sites for movie and TV streaming services and they are giving this option to watch movies free.

What do you normally see in free and legitimate sites?

  1. Signing up requirement are basic, with your email address
  2. Those that does not require signing up, allows you to view movies but these contains ads that requires you to watch at the start for a certain number of minutes then you are given the option to skip the ads. In this case, the movie will usually stream continuously.
  3. In some sites though, their movie streaming is cut and ads are inserted which is at times frustrating particularly if the movie is just getting more interesting.
  4. Free sites that do not have signing up requirements contains a real mixture of content mostly movies that are healthy portions of public domain works. This means that the films have already lapsed in its ownership and has become public properties. This you can find as the bulk of their treasured movies.
  5. The big budget releases may also be available but these are often ad-supported.


It is best to understand that these sites also need to earn to continue giving out their services for free. And if the only way for them not to ask for any kind of payment from viewers is to insert ads, then so be it. It would not be too much of an effort to view those ads (which can at times be useful to you) and help them stay afloat. After all you are gaining a stress free time to enjoy your favorite movies and TV series through their effort. That’s win-win solution for you and the site which is a healthy situation.