I can swim, I can fly, look a snake in the eye,
break through glass, whup some ass
and cut the bad guys off at the pass–
I’m a stuntman.

I can ride every horse that’s never been rode,
throw every punch that’s ever been throwed.
I can leap tall buildings in a single bound,
walk on gravel and not make a sound.
I can catch the ring before the ring comes ’round-
I’m a stuntman.

Hey, Jack, I’ve got your back;
I’ll keep you from slippin’ into the crack.
I’ve got the mojo, I’ve got the knack–
I’m a stuntman.

Old leather, bad weather, throw a punch after lunch,
take a dive and stay alive, got no time for shuck ‘n jive-
I’m a stuntman.
I can fit in your clothes better than you,
turn red, white, purple and blue.
I’ve got the answer before the clue.
Hey, Jude, look out Dude!
you’re invadin’ my space and I’m not in the mood.
I’m a stuntman.

I can jerry-rig, be extra big, invisible, invincible, and if I have to act
I’m more than convincible.
I like horses and heroes and old dogs named Ned,
bears and wolves, even crocs if they’re dead.
I love women and children and folks that are kind–
but if you mess with me, I’ll mess up your mind.
I’m hard as an oak, I’m one of a kind–
I’m a stuntman.

I can rock the clock, roll with the tide,
I’m holding my aces, along for the ride.
Hey, Ray, what do ya’ say? Get out the pyro–
we’ll go out to play.
It’s a ramblin’, scramblin’ kind of a day-
and I’m a stuntman.