I am interviewed in May issue of Fangoria Magazine by uber talented NY Journalist Tom Weaver. I am double pleased, as a fellow I admire very much is friend and publisher Tony Timpone. The story mainly concerns my work on the horror film House of 7 Corpses. Also in May, Tom Weaver is doing another piece especially to promote my book, Shadows and Light.

May will be a busy month press wise. Melissa Delaney, the super-duper editor of slick Austin Monthly Magazine, assigned a British scribe to pen a piece on me and my work in cult films in Hollywood. This will be the third time I have graced the pages of this prestigeous magazine…

January saw the release of Stricken, The 5,000 Faces of Grief (Dalton Publishing). This is a book I am honored to have contributed too. Edited by Spike Gillespie and Katherine Tanney, it contines essays by several distinguished writers concerning the processes of grief, and healing in a wide variety of circumstances. It is already No. 1 on the Bookpeoople non-fiction list of Best Sellers.

Filmfax, January 2009 issue, carries a great interview with yours truly, plus some interesting, new and unusual photographs. Film writer Lawrence Fultz Jr. conducted the interview, which runs six and a half pages. Also in this issure are interviews with Dennis Hopper, Anne Frnacis, Lloyd Nolan, the Smothers Brothers, et al. It is surely worth the read.

Folks are already lining up for copies of Stricken, The 5,000 Faces of Grief (Dalton Publishing, January, 2009. One of the articles printed in this superb volume is written by Gary Kent, re” The death of his wife, Producer/Actress Tomi Barrett, and how he eventually learned to cope with her loss.

Gary Kent and Director Don Jones discuss making the backwoods horror film The Forest (1982) before the Terror Thursday screening at the Alamo Ritz (Austin, TX) on April 10, 2008. Check out the video here!

VideoScope, a much respected New York Glossy, just published an interview with Gary Kent by Brian Albright in it’s Summer Issue, now on newsstands and the librarys of film buffs world wide. VideoScope is published and edited by Joe Kane, The Phantom of the Movies, and syndicated columnist of genre films and video for the New York Daily News. Joe’s electic magazine is revered by film fans and journalists world wide.

A great new magazine fresh out of the journalistic alleys of The Big Apple has just arrived in my mailbox. Titled Mass Appeal, it is a slick, class act– bursting with news of film, radio, music,—everything from hip-hop to Transformers, Thai Food, “the street,” “Tagging,” and NY Graffiti Icons. This issue interviews actor Seth Rogan, (Knocked Up), and freaky filmmaker Don Jones, (The Forest, Abducted). Don discusses yours truly in his shout out. I am grateful he didn’t spill the real beans, just the cool ones.

This just out: British Film Writer Stephen Thrower has just released his homage to the American horror film, titled Nightmare USA. Thrower has managed to put out a masterpiece of text and photos relating to the films, stars, and filmmakers of this widely popular genre.
The book is 11×14, with glossy prints, black and white and color photos, poster art, one sheets, etc. The author devotes 12 pages to Gary Kent’s electic career. Stephen has run a lot of photos of yours truely, one a full pager from the early years with the warning “mother’s lock up your daughters.” Hmmm—-”seems like the daughters could be responsible for their own security when Gary Kent is in town.”
In his text Stephen comments on Shadows and Light/Journeys With Outlaws In Revolutionary Hollywood. “Gary Kent’s autobiography is a volume that should be on every self-especting film fan’s must have list.”
Nightmare USA is available through Fab Press, in the U.K. and on Amazon.com. Shadows and Light will soon be available through Dalton Publishing, the internet, and at your local independent bookstore.

Hollywood Stunt Performers: by Gene Scott Freese. A compilation of credits and anecdotes of the top Hollywood Stuntmen and Women from l922 to the present; this work describes Gary Kent and others as “highly skilled athletes, daredevils who routinely risk life and limb to bring excitement to the screen.” Freeze also refers to “Gary Kent’s critically acclaimed directoral debut” with Rainy Day Friends, a film Kent also wrote. Rainy Day Friends won Best Special Stunt In a Motion Picture at the International Stuntman Awards.

High On The Hogs: A Biker Filmography by David Stidworthy. Gary Kent did a host of “Biker” films during the late ’60s and early ’70s—as actor and stuntman. He was stunt coordinator on Hell’s Angels On Wheels, and doubled Jack Nicholson. He also piled into our presence on the back of a hog in Hell’s Chosen Few, Satan’s Sadists, Girls From Thunder Strip, The Savage Seven, et al. At his 2007 QFest, director Quentin Tarantino referred to Gary and his pals as the “best of the breed.” In David Stidworthy’s High On The Hogs, the author pays homage to those revved up, super-charged, hellraising films, and especially to Gary Kent. “Kent displays fine ‘Billy Jack’ capabilities, without the Tom Laughlin pretentions.” Stidworthy dedicates his excellent work to Gary Kent and other “screen artists whose work enriched the biker film genre.”